Electric Motors International APS  is a global supplier of electric motors and other electrical components for the marine industry.

We have our stock points in The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, The UK, Germany, Portugal and Spain. 

We take pride in the reliability and urgently needed marine spare parts. We have two decades experience in the supply of electric motors and we recently added other electrical components and motor accessories to our products list. 


Our electric motor brand, EMI -MOTORS ® is a perfect replacement motor for any other brand at a very competitive price. Our company has wide access to spare parts on our different stock points worldwide. We offer special freight options to get the motors wherever they are needed within a short period of time. Our sales team quote really fast and work hand in hand with all our clients to get your order to you.  


We work round the clock to ensure we meet your motor needs effectively and efficiently.Get the right motor at the the right time.


Emergency Logistics techniques employed to deliver motors to the Vessel ,at sea or in dock to ensure you continue with your scheduled Voyage


We have access to largest stock of electric motors around the world. Whether its a new motor,replacement or modification,we got you covered.

Cast-iron motor
Cast Iron/ Alluminum motors

These are cost-efficient, high voltage induction motors  ideal for serial OEMs designed for pump, fan and compressor applications.

High perfomance aluminium motor
Explosion- Proof 

We offer explosion proof motors of different technical specifications. 

These are Eexd(e) motors which work in harsh temperature conditions


Special motors

We offer special motors that might be hard to find for standard motors including Single Phase motors, GOST Motors, NEMA Motors, Slipring motors etc.

Motors with various applications

We have motors for different applications including pump motors, fan motors, blower motors, steering motors etc 



Brake/ Mooring Winch Motors

We offer Brake motors and the Mooring Winch motors for marine execution which might be difficult to find.

Scrubber System Motors

We offer electric motors for wet scrubber systems in ships.

At EMI motors we are fully equipped to handle the market demand for these wet scrubber systems.

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